Light: Science and Magic: An Introduction to Photographic Lighting Издательство: Focal Press, 2007 г Мягкая обложка, 320 стр ISBN 0240808193 инфо 13857d.

An amazing (and some would say magical) resource on photographic lighting that has been talked about in the community and recommended for years This highly respected guide has been thoroughly updated and reviатззьsed for content and design - it is now produce in full color! It introduces a logical theory of photographic lighting so if you are starting out in photography you will learn how to predict results before setting up lights This is not primarily a how-to book with onlyбгжую set examples for you to copy Rther, Light: Science and Magic provides you with a comprehensive theory of the nature and principles of light to allow you to use lighting to express your own creativity Numerous photographs and illustrations provide clear examples of the theories, whle sidebars highlight special lighting questions Expanded chapters on available light in portraiture, as well as new information on digital equipment and terminology make this a must have update! *New fouбожопr color art package with contemporary lighting xamples *Based on the behaviour of light *Theory book for serious photographers 3rd edition Авторы Фил Хантер Fil Hunter Стивен Биве Steven Biver Пол Фугуа Paul Fuqua.

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